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kanye west needs to kanye chill the fuck out i didnt sign up for this but yes youre probably right wow

i. just. had. a. dream. i. was. comforting. kanye. west. why. what has my life come to. ok he was rly sad and sitting at the back of a truck and just i told him it was ok. but whY. no i think it was actually because i read one of those kanye west kanye rest kanye quest things yesterday hmm


think about the concept of a library. that’s one thing that humanity didn’t fuck up. we did a good thing when we made libraries

Thranduil in the new bofa trailer please help me i am slayed (x)

You don’t really understand an antagonist until you understand why he’s a protagonist in his own version of the world.


Playing a co-op game for the first time with friends who are very good at it